Normally with children you would want to start off with hand-building pottery before moving onto the wheel. The wheel can be frustrating for even adults, so it's best to save that task for last. Some simple projects for your child to start out with are plates, small mugs and even...

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Learning how to shape clay and make decorative items is a hobby that is seeing a rebirth in modern times, but few people realize its attraction to those of all age groups. Young children find it a fascinating way to pass the time, and they are happy to make many...

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Learn how to make a basic pottery piece from choosing the item the wish to make to choosing the type of clay you wish to use followed by what technique is best for your chosen project.

1. First choose what type of item you are going to create and whether it...

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Glazes work by forming a coat of glass that will bond to the bisque. The glaze that touches the bisque penetrates it to seal the microscopic holes created in the clay during the first heating process.

Once a piece of clay has been shaped into an object and fired, it becomes...

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Local pottery shops are great places to go with friends and family to create or paint pottery. Most of these shops offer special promotions for groups. They do this as a way to fill their kilns and operate them at a profit rather than a loss. Kiln firing is one...

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Clay pieces are often useful items for the home. Pots, bowls, plates and mugs are all pieces that can be made on a potter's wheel. Some pieces are not quite so useful, but are still welcome additions to any home setting. A clay figurine is just one example. It is...

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Participating in the hobby of clay pottery has many benefits and if you become extremely good, maybe you'll start a business in selling your unique products.

Stress Reducing

Just the feeling alone of having wet clay on your hands and smothering it on to the wheel is enough to rid stress from your life. Even the slow motion of just letting the wheel spin your project onto your hands will calm your soul in ways that you never could have imagined. So before you go out and pay for a meditation or stress relieving class, try getting started with clay pottery.

New Hobbies

Clay pottery is a great new hobby to get into as it offers a large variety of project ideas for you to create. With clay pottery you can never purchase or make the same exact item twice. So whether you decide to collect clay pottery or create it, you will be given the opportunity to have a large collection of pottery pieces with absolutely no duplicates. Remember that instead of trying to create a duplicate, create a set in which every piece is the same color, just a completely different design.


Pottery is excellent for any individuals that suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis. While creating a pottery piece your fingers and hands move in a very slow, relaxing motion which allows your hands to strengthen and stretch at the same time. By keeping your joints moving at all times, you will notice a large difference in the decrease of pain in your hands, as well as the discomfort. Although you may think you require medications for your aliments, pottery could very easily take away the pain you have been waiting to ease your years.